How To Get Placeholder Text Into HTML Input Fields

November 13, 2011 in HTML & CSS, Programming, Tutorials by admin

Have you ever seen text in an html input field and have it disappear when you click inside? This is a fairly common practice for front-end developers and designers to add additional information to aid in usability or when html fields are not labeled.

Cross Browser CSS3 Gradients

October 29, 2011 in HTML & CSS, Programming, Tutorials by admin

Ever wanted to know how to get those stunning gradient effects with just CSS? Using CSS3 we can create cross browser compatible gradients without needing any images! In the past all we had was images to get a gradient effect, but now with CSS3 we can make beautiful gradients with just a few lines of code.

HTML Drop Down Select Menu of U.S. States with PHP Array

October 28, 2011 in HTML & CSS, PHP, Programming, Tutorials by admin

Here is as easy to use way of displaying a drop down select menu of the United States states using PHP and an array. The full array with the U.S. states is available as well as a basic HTML select menu. Whether you are new to PHP or you are working on your 20th E-Commerce website and need an easy to use way to print out the states drop down, this post should help you.