Javascript Detect Mobile Android and Iphone

November 19, 2011 in Javascript, Programming, Tutorials by admin

Easily detect mobile devices with JavaScript including Android devices, iPhone, iPad, and webOS. Have you ever wanted to display something different for mobile devices or run an alternate effect or function depending on the user agent? With only a few lines of javascript code you can do all of this.

How to Use a JavaScript Switch Statement

November 13, 2011 in Javascript, Programming, Tutorials by admin

Switch statements are very helpful conditional statements similar to ‘if statements’ but allow for a cleaner presentation when multiple if conditionals are required. If you have ever been curious how these work or are just reading about them for the first time, check this out.

Placeholder Text For HTML Inputs with JavaScript and jQuery

in Javascript, Programming, Tutorials by admin

Have you ever wanted a fully compatible way to get placeholder text into your html input fields? Placeholder text can help your users better understand the form field as well as add a bit of dynamic flare to the website. We can do this fairly easily with JavaScript and HTML.

Change CSS Styles with Javascript

August 21, 2010 in Javascript by admin

Have you ever wondered how to use JavaScript to dynamically change your CSS styles on the fly? Changing CSS styles using JavaScript is actually fairly easy and can be used to create wonderful interaction. Since JavaScript and CSS are client-side languages we can easily change these without having to reload the entire page. I will be covering the easiest ways I have found to do this by changing styles on ID elements directly and showing how to change the class of an element.