ActionScript 3 to Post to PHP and Retrieve Variables with a Simple AS3 and PHP Login

November 20, 2011 in Actionscript, PHP, Programming, Tutorials by admin

Have you ever wanted to post variables from AS3 to a PHP and get data back from the PHP? This tutorial will show you how to easily take ActionScript 3 variables and post the to PHP. We will create a simple login with AS3 and PHP. - Second Life Skin Maker – Second Life Skin Maker

February 28, 2010 in Articles, Featured by admin

SL Skin Mint created, designed, and developed by Roxy Chaney is an online Second Life skin generator. Once you register, you can access the “Skin Mint” and begin customizing your character. You have a ton of options with everything from hair color, mascara, blush, skin color, lipstick and more! It uses Papervision 3D to see the skin applied to a 3D mesh in real time, allowing you to rotate the face so you can see how the makeup looks on an actual character.