Simple Emailer Class with PHP

March 1, 2010 in PHP, Tutorials by Nathan Lampe

Learning how to use PHP’s mail functions with OOP can make sending emails a lot easier and faster when building web applications. For this tutorial you will need a server with php and email. You can use this class to process contact forms, send automatic emails, and any other place where you need to use the php mail functions.

Image Resizing with OOP PHP

in PHP, Tutorials by Nathan Lampe

The need for resizing images in web applications is huge especially for membership systems that want to offer avatars for their members. In this tutorial you will learn how to easily resize images with a minimal amount of code in all your future projects.

With this image resizer class you will be able to resize any image type with less than 10 lines of php. We will also have an extension to this tutorial later on for connecting it to a database like mysql for dynamic naming.